Virtual training and nutrition

I ONLY OFFER REMOTE SERVICES! Yes, this approach is more effective than in-person training for multiple reasons. Ask me why during our initial Free consultation.

Starting package: $450/month

I am a professional certified fitness trainer and a certified nutrition coach with 10+ years of experience in transforming physiques. I am a big advocate of getting fit in the healthiest approach possible.

A proper designed nutritional program structured around healthy meals, caloric intake, micro and macronutrients, water intake and supplementation guide.

A dynamically designed training program tailored to each client based on a scientific approach of progressive overload, hypertrophy, strength, and endurance.

A cardio plan based on specific goals and different physical conditions.

Full accountability, motivation and support via text and email Monday through Sunday.

Over the past decade I have helped thousands successfully achieve their goals. 
There is no better satisfaction than providing value for customers. 
Receiving thank you and gratification messages is what made me fall in love with this job and pursue it further.

Knowing that I helped clients get better blood work results, get rid of back aches, stiff ankles or feel more satisfied looking in the mirror is priceless. I always tell my clients, your body is the one place you have to live in for the rest of your life, so take great care of it and get comfortable in your own skin.

All of my training packages include: nutrition plans, lifting programs, cardio routines, abdominal workouts, stretching guides, supplemental guides, and daily communication for accountability and motivation (7days/week).

before & after

Check out the before & after images below showcasing the individuals I've assisted!

100% guaranteed results

I offer full satisfaction or 100% money back guaranteed if you complete my program following instructions fully without seeing results.

There will be no refunds if you sign up and decide to discontinue the program before month 1 is completed. As such, please ensure you are committed to work hard, make a change, and become healthier and happier.

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